13/04/2022 - 14/05/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Kutluğ Ataman - fiction

Ataman will also show photographic work from his new series 'fiction [other planets]' (2022) which looks at the societal oppression of subject positions deemed other by authorities. The series, which also includes a major new film, builds on themes seen in earlier works such as 'Women Who Wear Wigs' (1999). In addition, Ataman is working on his new feature film 'Hilal, Feza and Other Planets' which will debut later in 2022.

Ataman says of this new series: "The subjects of these series are trans individuals who volunteered to come and act the oppression they endured during the ’90s. Trans subjects are one of the leading political forces for human rights and embody the basic right to exist. It came to my mind during the filming that the sequence had a documentary quality since none of them were actors. What started as a sequence for a fictional work became real in my mind, and I was naturally drawn to this situation where artifice was crisscrossing with reality."


Soho 6 Denman Place, W1D 7AH