11/10/2022 - 25/11/2022

Contemporary - Design

Labinac - A Stick in the Forest - on Possibilities of Design

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm

"LABINAC is a design collective founded in 2018 by Maria Thereza Alves, Jimmie Durham and Kai-Morten Vollmer, with the dual purpose of designing and making objects (furniture, chandeliers, and other elements of interior design) and supporting the design works of Indigenous peoples in Latin America, of which the artists have been staunch defenders throughout their lives.

A Stick in the Forest, were Durham’s last thoughts before he passed away. Jimmie encourages us to sit down on the ground of the forest and to be in a state of wonder, so that a dialogue can begin with a stick. Perhaps it becomes a leg for a table or an element in a chandelier, or you get up and a dog crosses your path and with interest eyes your stick, a gift to be given and perhaps a friendship to begin.

The exhibition pays homage to Jimmie’s design and artistic work through presenting some of his objects, his particular irreverence and peculiarity in the use of materials (wood, colours, bones, stones, and other elements) that become on the one hand ironic and critical at the same time, but always beautiful on the other hand.

Handblown glassworks by Maria Thereza Alves reflect on the magic and mystical character of glass, its inherent beauty and the careful dance it takes to give the material its room to find a form."


Mayfair 23 Heddon St, W1B 4BQ