6 - 8pm, Wednesday 22nd Jun


Laila Majid - Wipe Clean

"Surfaces and materials designed with ease of cleaning in mind simultaneously evoke processes of soiling and sanitisation. The tightly wrapped clingfilm exterior of a tattooing table allows for quick and easy disinfection; a glossy and non-porous PVC bedsheet plays host to carefree spillages and fluid exchange; a latex catsuit, peeled off the body after an evening of wear, washed with lukewarm water to remove residual stickiness and grease; the vinyl cover of a training bench in a public gym wiped down after a day soaked in sweat.

The materials in Wipe Clean follow suit: ergonomic chair seats reupholstered in silicone, the pleather-covered cushioned panels of an old massage chair replaced with latex, and the smooth polyester cover of a bicycle seat speckled by dust and lint.

A seat is, by function, designed to be directly occupied by the body. The close relationship between body and object creates speculative potential—to see an unoccupied seat is to imagine the body that this object may hold, or the possible activities it may facilitate.

Reimagined in latex and silicone, these upholstered forms are imbued with a sensuality; hinting at bodily activities which may require subsequent cleaning. Their surfaces prompt imagined actions of physical exertion, raised heart rates, rushes of blood and perspiration."


Bethnal Green 223 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 0AL