04/04/2023 - 17/12/2023

Mid C20th - Painting

Lancelot Ribeiro - Finding Joy in a Landscape

Wed-Fri: 10-4pm; Sun: 10-4pm

A journey through the changing landscapes of Hampstead-based expressionist poet and painter Lancelot Ribeiro, from his roots in pre-Independence 1930s India to life in mid-20th century Britain.

Ribeiro experimented with form and materials, moving from conventional depictions of the Lake District to otherworldly townscapes and sharp, bright abstracts inspired by geology. Each work encourages us to look anew, reconsider the form and substance of our environment, and how we might depict and share those landscapes with others.

43 years after Ribeiro first exhibited here with the Indian Artists United Kingdom, Burgh House are again delighted to exhibit Ribeiro’s imaginative and innovative work on the walls of Burgh House.


Hampstead New End Square, NW3 1LT