6 - 9pm, Tuesday 10th Sep

Private View

Large Mixed Medium Latin American Group Show curated by Tere Chad - Neo Norte 2.0

A part of Exposed Arts Projects' Empowerments series, Neo Norte 2.0 addresses power as a geographic notion: it looks critically into the dominance of Eurocentric curatorial practices around the world, interrogates why the 'North' is traditionally seen as superior to the 'South', and brings together a group of Latino-American artists and academics to propose an alternative history.

To celebrate 200 years since Latin America gained its independence, Neo Norte is set up as a speculation around the question: what would happen if the artistic cultures of the South (that have been inherently perceived as 'exotic', 'ethnic' and 'folkloric') share the dialogic space with the works produced by Western-educated artists - with no discourse of segregation and supremacy forced onto the relationship between them?

The exhibition brings together the artworks that revisit the practices of shamanism, cultural syncretism, migrations as creative destructions that can open doors for new opportunities - to investigate how those transformed with the arrival of digital materiality, and the emergence of South as the 'new' North after its liberation.

The first chapter of the project was presented at the FundaciĆ³n Cultural de Providencia in Santiago, Chile (August 2018).


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