25/05/2023 - 17/06/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Larissa Bates - Set With Care

Thu-Sat: 2-6pm

"Kinship and a sense of affinity are probably one of the most important parts of the human experience. How we develop and define these bonds can be a complex and personal phenomenon. Bates sets out to investigate these structures, exploring the intersection of cultural experience and the pull of her own autobiographical narrative.

The first words that comes to mind when viewing Bates’ work is that of a utopia. In this latest body of work, an array of striking colours and intricate patterns collide on the picture plane. These elements work together to build a larger world composed of elaborate interior and quirky outdoor settings. We find flowers blooming, stems twistedly growing, picture frames eclectically hanged or tempting meals ready to be served.

Within these maximalist scenes, an array of thoughtful characters are seen to be interacting, living and exploring what it means to be alive. This is a habitat created for, and also by the inhabitants and personalities that Bates develops in the work."


Notting Hill 52 Lonsdale Rd, W11 2DE