22/09/2021 - 27/10/2021

New Work - Mixed Medium

Larry Achiampong - Afterimage

AFTER_image takes its cue from the infliction whereby an image continues to appear within the eyes after exposure to the original. It is a physiological reaction, however it can also be viewed as a psychological one where the image lingers within the mind’s eye. What is it about a certain image that stays with us, or resonates over and above itself? This exhibition brings together thirteen multidisciplinary artists who carefully select and reappropriate imagery from the visual chaos of global culture. Identifying with, and understanding, the potential for subversion within each frame. Through varying means of disruption, manipulation, construction and dissection, they restage images to create new dialogues or to focus our attention.


South Kensington Level 5 Sherfield Building, Imperial College, Exhibition Rd, SW7 2AZ