6 - 9pm, Friday 20th Mar


Laura Aberham

“No one uses a paintbrush in the way that I do.“

Laura Aberham’s work is a homage to colour. Through the very physical use of paint, the artist finds her own handwriting to explain structure, form and space and manages to turn the two-dimensional painting into an almost three-dimensional body. In incorporating means of spaciousness and physical dynamic, she creates a sensation to the eye that reaches beyond the realm of the usual canvas.

The artist was born in 1994 in Düsseldorf, Germany, and studied at the renowned Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, under the teachings of Jürgen Drescher, Katharina Grosse and Ellen Gallagher, all of whom have influenced her work in manifold ways. Her exhibition at Peter von Kant is her first solo show in the UK.


Deptford Deptford High St, SE8