11/06/2022 - 30/06/2022

New Work - Painting

Laura Berger - Soft Bound

Soft bound, Laura Berger’s new show at Eve Leibe Gallery, is a sensual experience that invites us to sink into the material caress of the present. The warm colours and playful compositions resurface tangible sensations of forgotten instants in an imprecise, dreamlike world.

This series of work depicts a certain memory of the skin, one that is engraved by the physical, emotional, and historical ties that bind us to one another. Often intertwined in acts of mutual care, the female figures in these paintings seem to advocate for forms of internal discovery and self-indulgence as coping mechanisms to protect our bodies from the unrelenting aggressions of an increasingly abstract world.


Hackney Wick 7 Casings Way, Unit 001, London E3 2TH