19/05/2023 - 24/06/2023

Contemporary - Sculpture

Lee Holden - Universal Bridge

Thu-Sat: 12-5pm

This exhibition has been developed over the past year by Lee Holden (b.1972, Accrington, Lancashire, UK), the 20th recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award.

Universal Bridge is a site-specific installation focusing upon the “mindset”, technology and infrastructure of governance, as well as the potential consequences of resistance to enforced technological change. The piece sets up a complex dialogue between, on the one hand, authority, progress, and control and, on the other, sabotage, disruption, and critique.

Using a vast array of found, collected and reconfigured materials alongside specifically-sourced instruments and tools, Holden has transformed Standpoint’s unique display spaces so as to suggest a military or government research station devoted to clandestine activities of dubious intent. Something very disturbing has happened here: an irreversible accident or transgressive intrusion has already taken place.


Shoreditch 45 Coronet St, N1 6HD