06/01/2022 - 06/02/2022


Leigh Bowery curated by TJ Boulting - Tell Them I’ve Gone To Papua New Guinea

A display of iconic costumes and a specially produced short film about the legendary performance artist and designer who died in the Middlesex Hospital on New Year’s Eve 1994.

The chapel is the only remaining building of the Middlesex Hospital, where Leigh died from AIDS on New Year’s Eve 1994.

Leigh is a legendary figure who spans the worlds of art, fashion, dance, club and music. Essentially he himself was the living breathing work of art, his now iconic designs and costumes were ubiquitous and meant for Leigh, as he pushed his body through ever more extreme creations, designed to shock and thrill onlookers from dance floor to gallery.

The Fitzrovia Chapel have worked with the Leigh Bowery Estate and in particular Nicola, whom he married shortly before his death, to create a stunning but poignant exhibition of Leigh’s costumes, presenting several of his iconic ‘looks’ against the backdrop of the gold mosaic ceiling and marble walls of the chapel.


Fitzrovia 2 Pearson Square, W1T 3BF