18/05/2022 - 17/06/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Lera Dubitskaya - Corolor Pictulures

"Dubitskaya works with coloured pencils and oils on 90g/m Fabriano sketching paper, soaked with linseed oil to maximise its absorbency and achieve the characteristic softness seen throughout her current oeuvre. The exhibition’s title Corolor Pictulures expresses Dubitskaya’s simple interest in creating colour pictures. However, the distorted words also suggest the fluctuations and strangeness that characterise the artist’s work, echoing how the seeping of the paint into the paper blurs the distinctions between figure and background, human and other. Dubitskaya’s colourful paintings open up the imaginative possibilities of the wilderness, appealing perhaps to something primeval within us all. "


Kensal Rise 77 College Road, NW10 5ES