27/05/2022 - 20/08/2022

New Work - Immersive

Libby Heaney - The Evolution of Ent-: QX

Explore parallel worlds in Ent-, an interactive immersive experience probing the many futures of powerful new quantum computing systems. Voices guide you as you fall through layers and begin to feel the potentials of the accelerating quantum age.

Commissioned by LAS (Light Art Space) in 2022, Ent- is the first immersive experience using quantum computing as both medium and subject matter. The 360˚ projection takes audiences through four earthly layers of quantum experiments containing quantum hybrid lifeforms and pulsating liquid worlds filled with fantastical creatures zipping in and out of dimensions.

For arebyte Gallery, the perimeters of the rhetoric surrounding quantum computing are expanded through critical attention paid to the way technology, arts, and educational fields communicate the advancements in this field. The new iteration of Ent- includes additional works commissioned by arebyte to position the immersive experience in the context of a start-up company, QX, who are pushing quantum as experience.

Tickets: £5.00


Canning Town 7 Botanic Square, E14 0LG