6 - 9pm, Friday 20th Jan


Lisa Penny, Neil Haas & Ross Head - Keep Your Love On

Sat-Sun: 12-6pm

"For all the disgust desire harbours when spoken aloud, it remains a life force endowed with possibility. Like a choice garment, it can re-route our day’s trajectory, lensing our take on everyday ephemera and interactions that otherwise amount to nothing. Indeed, our whole mode of being recalibrates when we embrace ­– or put on – our desire. For some, the dress-up is conspicuous. Your archetypal leatherman, for example, adopts a commanding prowess from the moment he steps into biker and chaps. For others, desire hides in plain sight, contained in that sweet spot of voyeur, dreamer and fantasist. Instead of flippant fetish objects, this plain-clothes opportunist wears an invisible jacket – common to one and all.

Yes, you too are the lover: they who dials up their desire when the whimsy of a moment takes hold. But where do you put it once the encounter peters? In the UK, we contribute to some 3.5 tons of unrequited love and forgotten crushes a day, leaving it to rot in the great garbage heap of shame. Fortunately, a few traces are salvaged from the rubble.

Artists Ross Head, Neil Haas and Lisa Penn­­y dedicate their practices to safeguarding these magical imagine-ifs, bridging the chasm between reality and fabulation. Forming a spectrum of intensity, together the trio chart desire from its infancy, through its growing pains, all the way to climax, balancing lust with endearment throughout."


Walthamstow Barbican Arts Group Trust, 114a Black Horse Lane, E17 6AA