07/07/2022 - 18/09/2022

New Work - Film, Performance & Textiles

Lou Lou Sainsbury - Earth is a Deadname

Wed-Sun: 12-6pm

Gasworks presents the first solo exhibition in London by Margate-based artist Lou Lou Sainsbury. Identifying as a time traveller, Sainsbury works across film and performance, poetry and textiles. Her work unwrites and rewrites the natural history of living beings, inviting the viewer to delve into alternate mythologies informed by queer and ecological activisms.

Sainsbury’s performances and films result from long-term research developed through collective study and collaborative processes. Her recent work maps a constellation of holes, vampires, aliens, miracles, mysticism, impossible births, interspecies encounters and life in constant transformation, bodies that seep out and words that crack open.

Earth Is a Deadname presents Lou Lou Sainsbury's newly-commissioned body of work produced in collaboration with artists and musicians including Kari Rosenfeld, Ada M. Patterson and Raffia Li.


Oval 155 Vauxhall St, SE11 5RH