6 - 9pm, Thursday 10th Nov


Louis Blue Newby, Eloise Hawser, Mimi Hope & Ben Galyas - All Night

ALL NIGHT; dance music, sexuality and industrial waste. The mechanisms of information distribution continue to warp and accelerate.

Newby, Hawser, Hope, and Galyas look to draw connections between cultural artefacts in relation to this immutable change. Pornography, rave fliers, and newspapers are stacked, smothered, and soaked. Taken out of circulation, the uncertain and unstable surfaces of these works solidify the ephemeral nature of the printed image.

Such production confronts the very meaning and direction of the source material, often distributed and discarded en masse, their lustre fading as night turns to day, these images meet their disfigurement and ultimate demise in the liminal spaces of the city.


Cambridge Heath 430 Hackney Road, London E2 6QL