18/03/2023 - 24/03/2023

Contemporary - Photography & Sculpture

Luca Bosani - C0041: Time’s Up

Daily: 12-5pm

C0041: Time’s Up explores the intersection of persona/personality. Where does an alter-ego end and the ego begins? Can the same persona be adopted by various personalities? What is the impact of externality - clothing, make-up, shoes, hairstyle - on one’s essence? - Through a series of portraits installed at VSSL Studio, together with a selection of Mini UPOs - ‘investigator(s)’ will introduce you to Bosani’s practice.

Taking inspiration from punk albums such as Time’s Up, Buzzocks (1978), Destroy the System, Varukers (1979) and Damaged, Black Flag (1981) - Luca’s installation and accompanying performance activation reflect on punk rebellion. Does growing up mean abandoning dreams of changing the system? - The apparition of a restless queer figure will interrupt the regular unfolding of the evening, - highlighting the plurality and fluid nature of the artist’s identity - in a desire to explode gender binaries and take distance from past versions of themself - continuing reinvention.

The installed images were captured by photographer Davide D’Ambra, on the occasion of the exhibition - or conundrum; C0036: The Upside-down Rainbow, at Osservatorio Futura, as part of Artissima (2022). This work has been made possible with financial support from Arts Council England.


Deptford 50 Resolution Way Deptford, SE8 4AL