6 - 8pm, Thursday 28th Apr


Lucia Pizzani & anessa da Silva’ - Transient Root

Transient Roots explores humanity’s kinship with nature through a duo presentation of sculpture and photograms by Lucia Pizzani and Vanessa da Silva.

Lucia Pizzani presents two groups of new work for this exhibition: a series of unique photograms and an installation of stoneware ceramics. The artist was born in Venezuela and emigrated to Europe, with her family settling in the Canary Islands and herself in London.

Rising from the ground up, Vanessa da Silva’s sculptures generate the impression of uprooted bodies that appear to constantly move and mutate. Born in Brazil and living in London, da Silva’s work explores human migration and belonging through her sculptural bodies. Carved into foam and then coated and polished in fibreglass, da Silva uses a classic direct carving method made strange by the boney perfection of the sanded surface.


Mayfair 124 Mount Street Mews, London W1K 3NR