14/09/2022 - 29/10/2022

New & Recent Work - Sculpture

Lucy Skaer - Day Division

GRIMM is pleased to present Day Division, a solo exhibition of new and recent works by the British artist Lucy Skaer. This is the Glasgow and Lewis based artist’s fourth solo presentation with GRIMM. The exhibition will inaugurate the gallery’s new London location at 2 Bourdon Street.

Throughout her practice, Lucy Skaer interprets imagery and objects found within diverse contexts and histories, before transforming or disrupting their material and metaphorical origins. In Day Division, Skaer brings together multiple ongoing series of sculptures that she has been exploring and adapting in some cases for up to ten years.

Blurring the line between abstract and representational, formal and functional, the sculptures in Day Division mesh together different visual vocabularies in order to evade easy identification, so as to reveal the multiple potentials of each object or image.


Mayfair 2 Bourdon Street, London W1K 3PA