6 - 8pm, Thursday 24th Aug


Luisa-Maria MacCormack - Passing Through Two Doors at Once

Daily: 11-6pm

Luisa-Maria MacCormack's exhibition Passing Through Two Doors at Once is an immersive journey that invites you to trace the deeply entangled connections between humans, nature, and the world beyond.

“Our minds, the minds of the nonhuman, the intricate ever shifting patterns of thought, millions of endless webs, endless changes in the pressure, the expanse. A tree doesnt think like a snake, or a stone, or an amoeba, or like us. The word 'think' begins to crumble and fracture under the weight of itself, under all of these different beings. One mind is never going to be enough for me. Never should be enough.”

The showcase features a blend of paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and sound work, creating a thought- provoking display of new works.


Nunhead Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove, London SE15 3LP