6 - 9pm, Thursday 12th Mar


Luisa Mè & Giovanni Vetere curated by Marcelle Joseph - Tides in the Body

Lychee One proudly presents Tides in the Body, an exhibition featuring new work by the artist duo Luisa Mè and Giovanni Vetere and curated by Marcelle Joseph, the gallery’s 2020 curatorial consultant.

In our Anthropocene geological age that is named after the human species that has transformed our fragile planet through global capitalism to one that is characterised by wild weather, drought, floods, fires, warming oceans, melting icebergs and accelerating extinctions.

Together, the works in this exhibition stir the tides in our own bodies and awaken our community-minded spirit to take action to save our planet. As Haraway cautions, we may be in need of a ‘third story’, not the Anthropocene, not the Capitalocene but the Chthulucene where homo sapiens imagine themselves to be invertebrate octopi, ‘the mobile, many-armed predators of the sea, pulsating through and over the coral reefs…in nonarrogant collaboration with all those in the muddle’.


London Fields Unit 1, The Gransden, 39 Gransden Avenue, E8 3QA