23/08/2022 - 24/09/2022

New Work - Photography & Painting

Lydia Pettit & Scandebergs - GIALLO!

Fri-Sat: 12-6pm

An exhibition of new work by artists and collaborators Lydia Pettit & Scandebergs.

"Rife with violence and vivid colours, breathtaking sets and mystery, Italian thriller horror genre ‘Giallo’ has served as visual inspiration for artists embracing its aesthetics to discuss politics, psychosexual violence, gender roles and fear. In this exhibition, Pettit and Scandebergs use the same props and model (Pettit), and employ the characteristically dramatic ‘Giallo’ colour palette of stark reds, gold, blues, and black in tribute to their love of the genre.

GIALLO! is an ensemble of works celebrating the concepts integral to Italian Horror, gleefully basking in camp fantasy and decadence. The collaborators sink their teeth into the characters often explored in the genre, and ask the viewer which role appeals to them most - Victim, Villain, or Voyeur?"

Old Kent Road 26 Trafalgar Avenue, SE15 6NP