14/09/2022 - 09/10/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Madi Acharya-Baskerville & Victoria Rance - Creak Dreams - Remnants of a Former Life

Two artists looking at Deptford Creek with both a view of the distant past and a vision of a far future.

Victoria Rance has a studio on Deptford Creek, and campaigns for the environment. She has seen the huge changes over the twenty six years she has been working here on Deptford Creek which is a precious remnant of a former world, a tidal muddy site. Her work is about identification with the wildlife here, from the tiny midges, to the Grey Wagtail which eats them, and from the beautiful Little Egret, to the majestic Grey Heron. She watches and records their daily lives. As human and natural habitats collide, she wants to encourage others to feel the intimate connection with nature that we need in order to ensure the protection of our threatened wildlife.

Madi Achariya-Baskerville makes work using found objects. Her interest in birds grew out of concerns regarding plastic pollution of rivers and oceans. Plastic is made from the very fossil fuels that are driving the climate crisis. Coming across an alarming image of the contents of a dead seagull’s stomach has inspired her mixed media sculptures, which involve a kind of ‘alternative taxidermy’, through which a new species is being created where the birds have swallowed so much plastic that part of their anatomy is visibly composed of plastic.


Deptford 1 Mill Ln, SE8 4HN