6 - 8pm, Tuesday 10th May


Maeve Gilmore

Studio Voltaire present the first solo institutional exhibition of Maeve Gilmore (b.1917–d.1983, London).

A painter, writer and illustrator, much of Gilmore's practice was autobiographical with family life remaining a constant subject. This exhibition focuses on a precise collection of her depictions of domestic life, portraiture and play. While often presenting familiar settings, Gilmore’s works appear surreal and dreamlike in composition and attitude.

While she found early success exhibiting in the 1930s and produced work throughout her life, very little of Gilmore’s practice has been presented to contemporary audiences. Her story is in part a familiar one: a female artist whose career was sublimated to that of her husband, the writer and poet Mervyn Peake who is best known for his Gormenghast series. Much of Gilmore’s archive has remained with family members in Clapham, close to Studio Voltaire. This will be the most expansive presentation of her work to date.


Clapham 1a Nelsons Row, SW4 7JR