04/09/2022 - 30/10/2022

Outdoor Installation

Marcus Coates - The Directors

The Directors is a collaboration between artist Marcus Coates and five individuals in recovery from varying lived experiences of psychosis. Positioned behind the camera, each of them directs Coates in a filmed restaging of their recollection of particular episodes from their lives, enabling a shift in dynamics whereby the once patient is empowered rather than pathologised, and given creative agency to direct and narrate their own story, as only they can.

The five short up to 30-minute films that make up The Directors will be screened across five locations in Pimlico, each within a short walking distance of the other. These include a two-bedroom flat, a health centre seminar room, a shop selling paintings and curios, and the Churchill Gardens Estate between Lupus Street and the Thames. Churchill Gardens, designed and built in a spirit of post-war optimism and the desire for social integration, is currently piloting an at-home community health and well-being scheme to improve access to services for residents and will be same location where visitors will arrive.

Pimlico Churchill Gardens Estate, London