6:30 - 8:30pm, Thursday 12th Sep

Private View

Margarita Gluzberg - In Paradise

Margarita Gluzberg’s work explores the tensions and reciprocal interplay between the past and the present, memory recall and recurring fiction, and the politics of desire. She is fascinated with surface reality and material manifestations of consumer culture, and has a multi-faceted approach to image-making and production of meaning.

Her practice, ranging from drawing, photography and performance to sound and film installation, draws upon historical events, semi-biographical stories, and eclectic cultural references to create visually charged environments that summon memories of the past and negotiate aspects of contemporary existence.

In Paradise features a new series of large-scale drawings, occupying the central space of Pushkin House, which the artist calls ‘cinema experiments’.


Bloomsbury 5A Bloomsbury Square, WC1A 2TA

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