2 - 7pm, Thursday 24th Feb


Maria Bartuszová, Sheila Hicks, Hannah Wilke & Erika Verzutti - Of the Surface of Things

Alison Jacques is pleased to present ‘Of the Surface of Things’, a four-person exhibition exploring the communicative potential of raw materials and exposed surfaces. The artists in dialogue are Maria Bartuszová (b. 1936, Prague, Czechoslovakia; d. 1996, Košice, Slovakia); Sheila Hicks (b. Hastings, Nebraska, 1934), who has worked in Paris for over 40 years; Hannah Wilke (b. 1940, New York, US; d. 1993, Houston, US); and Erika Verzutti (b. 1971, São Paulo, Brazil).

The show’s title is taken from Wallace Stevens’s ‘Of the Surface of Things’ (1919), a short poem concerning a singer who, frustrated with his inability to write, walks to a nearby balcony to take in the view – ‘three or four hills and a cloud’.


Mayfair 22 Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ