26/01/2023 - 17/03/2023

Contemporary - Ceramics

Maria Kristofersson

Line drawings are the basis for her work in clay – delicately coil-built constructions in clay can be seen as three-dimensional drawings. The fragile and vulnerable are juxtaposed with robust and strong shapes. The familiar utilitarian forms of boxes and cylinders act as a canvas for her subtle surface textures.

This new body of work, shown for the first time at Flow Gallery, has a newly expanded, "earthy" colour palette, together with the restrained monochrome colours of terracotta, white and black.

"The container can hide, preserve or protect. It is the intrinsic meaning of its function that interests me, not its practical purpose. " - Maria Kristofersson


Notting Hill 1-5 Needham Road, W11 2RP