28/04/2022 - 21/05/2022

New Work - Painting

Marilyn Hallam - Not finding a pose

Bobinska Brownlee are delighted to present large scale paintings by Marilyn Hallam - exquisite painterly compositions of four women and one man in a domestic interior.

“Hallam’s choice of subject matter is conservative, even pointedly commonplace: views through a window, interiors, still life, people by the sea. However, there is nothing conservative or commonplace about the treatment. In 1994 I wrote of this work: ” …treated here without a trace of that secondhand softness that sometimes tries to pass for the Bonnardesque … the paintings are tough and put together with a cool lightness of hand which conceals the lucid pictorial intelligence which has gone into their making.”

What I had not taken wholly on board at that time is the highly evolved artifice involved in these complex works. Despite being figurative, or ‘depictive’ as Hallam prefers, these are not naturalistic paintings. Every component is subject to the demands made by considerations of scale, surface flatness, edge and design, the literal facture and objective truths of what a painting actually is.”


Canonbury 38 Tower Court, 1a Canonbury St, N1 2US