6 - 10pm, Friday 8th Oct


Mariota Spens - Calamity

CALAMITY is a new solo exhibition by Scottish artist Mariota Spens open from October 9th-11th 2021 at Gaunson Creative Studios in Tottenham. This exhibition documents Spens’s experiences and observations of the Covid-19 pandemic; the political absurdity, the cost of life caused by those in power, and the fighting energy of activist movements in the UK and across the globe.

About the artist: Spens graduated from the Ruskin School of Art in 2016, and since then she has exhibited regularly in group and solo shows across the UK. She is committed to expressing urgent political messages through her painting, often expressing public and personal experiences at once using an exploratory and expressive visual vocabulary. She finds the absurd and the comical amidst dark and troubling social events, taking influence from pop art, expressionism, propaganda posters and narrative painting.

Artist’s statement: "The drama and destruction that has swept the world since the Covid-19 pandemic has been painful to experience and to observe. Many injustices that already formed the structure of systems across societies were splayed open; and much of the fragility of life within these systems was thrown into the spotlight. We saw the absurdity of personality politics, and the cost of life it caused. Even more death than usual caused by age-old institutional racism, the collateral damage of capitalism and stubbornly upheld economic inequalities. We saw the successful self-protection of the elite, and the exhaustion of those who try to fight it. Sitting in my home and my studio in and out of lockdowns, holding the energies of uncontainable frustration, daily outrage at the seemingly unstoppable injustices and a sustained will to resist their apparent inevitability, I drew and painted what I saw and thought and felt. This exhibition is the product of these things.”


South Tottenham Euroart Studios, Gaunson House, Markfield Rd, N15 4QQ