09/09/2021 - 09/10/2021

New Work - Painting

Mark Corfield-Moore - Neither Here Nor There

Cob Gallery is proud to present a new solo exhibition by Mark Corfield-Moore in which painting, weaving and writing are fused together to illuminate subtle rhymes and resonances of the artist’s diasporic identity: the material and symbolic threads gathered up on the threshold between here and there.

‘Neither Here Nor There’ brings together a series of these woven paintings depicting motifs of Corfield-Moore's dual heritage.

Corfield-Moore’s paintings are arranged alongside food boxes, pallets of bottled water and traditional Thai pillows. Linking up with the artist’s understanding of textiles as essentially nomadic, these items contribute to a sense of provisional domesticity and transience, inviting viewers to congregate or providing temporary respite, much like the spirits or attendees of the paintings.


Camden 205 Royal College St, NW1 0SG