6 - 8pm, Thursday 26th May


Marta Klara, Louis Alderson-Bythell & Leo Carlton - Uhrformen

Uhrformen, is a group show curated by Sarabande residents Marta Klara and Louis Alderson-Bythell and Sarabande Alumnus Leo Carlton. Uhrformen welcomes you to consider the cadence of Geological, Biological and Digital time through a constellation of VR experience, meditative space and living tools.

What rots in the digital and what is preserved?

Will our tools outlive us and what other species will they sustain?

Will living cells merge with bytes?

Would our digital selves have a second life after we are gone?

And if a digital tree falls in a physical forest, who dies under it?

'For deep time is measured in units that humble the human instant: millenia, epochs and aeons, instead of minutes, months and years.' - Robert McFarlane, Underland


Haggerston 22 Hertford Rd, Haggerston N1 5SH