08/07/2022 - 03/09/2022

Contemporary - Painting, Sculpture & Video

Max Maxwell - PROTEAN

Tue-Sun: 10-6pm

PROTEAN. A solo exhibition of new works by Max Maxwell. Four years after his last solo show at No 20 Arts, the exhibition presents an exciting continuation of Maxwell’s central interests: materiality, transformation and alchemy.

The title, ‘PROTEAN’ stems from the prophetic shape-shifting figure from Greek mythology Proteus, as it encapsulates the idea of changeable shape and form. Maxwell has long held an interest in transmutation, as explored through his work with metals, predominantly copper.

This exhibition brings together painting, sculpture, video, and performance to explore these ideas. Maxwell works with raw materials such as copper, metal leaf, paint, and various chemicals to create works that explore material change. From a pristine metal sheet, he will create deeply textured landscapes; explorations of colour, space, and place.


Angel 20 Cross Street, Angel, N1 2BG