20/06/2022 - 31/07/2022

Outdoor Sculpture Show

Mayfair Sculpture Trail 2022

This year, start your trail with the monumental work of David Breuer-Weil at Berkeley Square presented by E&R Cyzer. From here, work your way clockwise around Mayfair. In Grosvenor Square you’ll find ‘Dancing’ by Maurice Blik presented by Bowman Gallery (a gallery in St James’s), and Lee Gill Rae’s stunning pine tree made of copper presented by Opera Gallery.

Then head to New Bond Street to discover the new work by Kojo Marfo presented by JD Malat Gallery, and nearby Andy Denzler’s ‘Selfie’ also presented by Opera Gallery. Detour to the newly redesigned Hanover Square to find Pace Gallery presenting ‘Peace Head’ by Yoshitomo Nara which will be installed until 30 October. You’ll finish your trail on Old Bond Street with Michael Speller’s ’Nourish' presented by Clarendon Fine Art.


Mayfair Berkeley Square, W1J 6BD