12 - 6pm, Saturday 19th Oct


Merve Iseri, Jennifer Ipekel, Eda Sarman - Tide between us

"We are interdependent amongst us and with the ground we stand on. Tide between us is a
demonstration~representation of interdependence through our bodies as bodies of water. While
three individuals interact with each other as a mini organism, the space they create expands
once it is performed on a public path by the river. Thames River flows from east to west from noon to 6pm everyday. By moving alongside the ebb, our pace will be guided by the river, while our movement by the passerby, the skater, trees and each other. Weaved to each other, we will be swinging each other as we walk on our path. The three of us physically connected and dependent, our dance-walk will affect the passerby on a stroll and invite her to the performance as we adapt ourselves to allow her passage.” – Merve Iseri, Jennifer Ipekel, Eda Sarman


Southbank SE1 9DT