12 - 6pm, Sunday 26th Mar


Mika Rottenberg - Spaghetti Blockchain

Outernet Arts presents Spaghetti Blockchain, a new labyrinthine exhibition by Mika Rottenberg.

Spaghetti Blockchain illustrates the absurdity of humanity’s rampant production, distribution, and consumption of objects by juxtaposing existing industry with her own, often unexpected, manufacturing systems. ‘I think of objects in terms of the processes behind them and the idea that humankind is captured in everything around us. I want to make these processes more visual.

Rottenberg presents a collage of imagery whirl-pooling through an over-stimulated thought-process. The viewer traverses through a universe of incongruous scenarios: footage of colourful ‘satisfying’ ASMR performances, Siberian Tuvan throat singers in open fields, the CERN antimatter factory, a mechanical harvester on an all-American potato farm, cut with dizzying rotating hexagons. The screens and space are filled with overwhelming colour, constant movement, ear-tickling effervescence and the deep singing tones.

Calling back to Rottenberg's previous critiques of consumerism, in this exhibition the viewer finds themselves in a sensory equivalent of eating everything on the table until they can’t stand straight; simultaneously euphoric and queasy.


Tottenham Court Road Outernet London, Charing Cross Rd, WC2H 8LH