5 - 8pm, Saturday 15th Jan


Mike Cooter & Ross Downes - Whilst Out Walking

"Kupfer presents an exhibition by UK-based artists Mike Cooter and Ross Downes that investigates the forms, shapes and surfaces that condition our experience of public space. By scrutinising the utilitarian, Cooter and Downes’ practices reveal both the aesthetic and coercive potential and ideologically utopian underpinnings of the contemporary built environment.

For the exhibition at Kupfer, Downes’ concerns with the sublimation of ideological representations into the fabric of the everyday are at once intervened, interrupted and complemented by Cooter’s quasi-functional sculptures, exemplifying the artists’ shared interest in the physical and ideological constructs that constitute ‘guidance’ in both exhibition and public space."


Hackney Unit 5, The Textile Building, 31a Chatham Pl, E9 6FJ