6 - 8pm, Wednesday 12th Feb


Milly Dent - Wishful Thinking

We are excited to welcome ceramic artist Milly Dent back to Saint Cloche with an ambitious new body of work from a period of time working in China recently. Milly took part in many workshops with local craftsmen in Jingdezhen (where porcelain originates) from which she took elements of new skills learnt and integrated them into the ‘Wishful Thinking’ body of work. This body of work was crafted using various techniques and technologies specific to the ‘Jingdezhen’ skillset.
When in Jingdezhen, Milly made a number of visits to the abandoned Jingtao Factories in Jingdezhen where she came across a landscape of floors lined with porcelain fragments, degrading moulds and models, unfinished works. Over the 20 years in which the factory had been abandoned, nature had started reclaiming the building; plant-life had grown through floors and walls, creating an intersection between nature and man-made, temporality and permanency.


Paddington 37 Macdonald Street, Paddington NSW 2021