6 - 9pm, Tuesday 11th Jan

Late Opening

Minnie Murphy - Into Euphoria

"‘Into Euphoria’ is a collection of new paintings that explores an imaginary world. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the works address a myriad of existential themes, from the inescapable enchantment of memory and desire to the sensuality of love and the tribulations of loss.

In these colourful dreamscapes, perception is an expression of our most primal emotions. Influenced by Wagner’s seductive and playful Rhinemaidens who guard the Rhine gold, figures of intense desire traverse a vast unruly wilderness, always searching for exaltation but often finding anguish.

Though evidently surreal, every vista and view relates to an actual location, exploring insights to nature’s treasures. These paintings are reimagined renderings of real places, places where immense feelings settled on beautiful sights."


Mayfair 54 Shepherd Market, W1J 7QX