28/04/2022 - 31/05/2022

New Work - Painting

Mitch Griffiths - IMMORTAL

"Griffiths’ chosen title for this exhibition incorporates a range of ideas and meanings that are open to interpretation. Dictionary definitions of ’immortal’ include living forever, never decaying or dying and worthy of being remembered forever. To Griffiths himself, the word suggested ‘something that lasts forever and can stand the test of time. I want my work to do that, I want my ideas to do that. I want to give all of my work a classical edge along with the contemporary edge – to reference the timeless and ageless quality of oil painting. And I think the title also connects with the idea that my subjects are immortalised on canvas. I like that play on words, and I also like the fact that now, for the very first time really, most of us have thought about our own mortality. So I thought IMMORTAL was a very relevant title."


Mayfair 144-146 New Bond St, W1S 2PF