6 - 9pm, Thursday 26th Sep


Morus Quin and Alessia Britti - Sexy Throughts Were a Symptom

After being awarded an exhibition by the National Art School Morus Quin and Alessia Britti exhibit at Studio W with their show " Sexy Thoughts Were a Symptom".

Opening Night: 6pm - 9pm, 26th September.
Location: Studio W 6 Bourke Street, Woolloomoolo, 2011, Sydney.

Morus Quin is a multidisciplinary artist, her most recent series of paintings investigates her long found inquiry into the psycho-emotional experience within the body. Through a study of Gestalt theory and Chinese medicine she unfolds ways in which the body stores memory and is anatomically altered through trauma.

Alessia Britti is a figurative painter that evokes contemporary notions of the female gaze through eroticizing the act of looking ad re-contextualising the male gaze from subject to material.


Woolloomooloo 6 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011