6 - 9pm, Thursday 16th Jun

Opening & Performance

Naira Mushtaq, Camilla Hanney & Catriona Robertson - Residency 2022 Final Show

Naira Mushtaq is a multidisciplinary artist from Pakistan now residing in London. Her practice is focused on history, memory, and social commentary stemming from a desire to understand grief and memory- how memories are formed as affect. What happens to the memories as time goes by; time plays a fundamental role in wearing down these memories of our experiences; they diverge, they mold, evolve, or dissipate- such is the play of time. Our memories deceive us, pliable, and ever-evolving. We are left with fragments of truth, distorting records of our making.

Camilla Hanney is an Irish artist living and working in London. Working through ceramics, sculpture and installation Camilla’s practice explores themes of time, sexuality, cultural identity and the corporeal, often referencing the body in both humorous and challenging ways. By subverting traditional, genteel crafts she attempts to transgress and contemplate conventional modes of femininity, deconstructing archaic identities and rebuilding new figures from detritus of the past. By materialising the familiar in an unfamiliar context her work stimulates our ability to rethink our relationship with objects, threatening the natural order and toying with the tensions that lie between beauty and repulsion, curiosity and discomfort, desire and disgust.

Catriona Robertson is a Scottish/British Artist living in London and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2019 in MA Sculpture. Roberston´´´s sculpture and installation explores architecture and the monumental; ruins of buildings, void spaces interwoven with the fast changing rising concrete landscape and urban geology. I am conscious of the afterlife of a material and its effect on the environment. In response to the anthropocene I imagine what future synthetic sediment is being created with plastic, toxic chemicals, domestic and construction site waste. As these synthetic materials are absorbed into the ground, buried and eroded over time, layers of landfill, heavy metals and toxins disrupt natural ecosystems.


Notting Hill 269 Portobello Rd W11 1LR