15/06/2022 - 08/07/2022

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Naoko Tagai, Rachel Shaw Ashton, Duke Christie & Maria-Aurelia Riese - Shaded

Featuring our three new artists: Naoko Tagai, Duke Christie and Maria-Aurelia Riese, will show alongside artist, Rachel Shaw-Ashton whom we have represented since 2009.

Naoko Tagai's wall sculptures can be understood as the synthesis of her feelings, unconscious, five senses, with the material of the work itself, which she then translates into form.

Maria-Aurelia Riese's works, similarly embody an inner feeling of having lived a previous life. Her butterfly prints are deeply connected to her childhood memories, and her Austrian heritage, which create a mystical dialogue between memory and spirituality.

Duke Christie works with wood and strives to make objects which reflect the simple things that enrich our lives. The natural environment surrounding his home and studio in Moray, Scotland is a constant source of inspiration.

Rachel Shaw-Ashton hand cuts figures and forms from watercolour paper that is spray-painted. Rachel’s works have a fluid energy. Some works are calm; others are frenzied as the separate cuttings sweep up into one greater scenario.


Marylebone 28 a Devonshire St, W1G 6PS