12/10/2021 - 17/10/2021

Contemporary - Painting

Neon Gallery present Hugo Lami - Life Found On The Moon

In the exhibition Life Found on the Moon, Hugo Lami’s work embarks on a search for life that isn’t dominated by simulacra and simulations. The paintings revisit symbols and signs that compose our technological and cultural evolution and have replaced the actual reality.

The concept of the exhibition focuses on how traveling to space could refresh the meaning of life by shifting the way we look at nature and the Earth.

Throughout the exhibition, Hugo Lami’s bold works dwell in a world where old and new, fake and real, artificial and natural meet in a fantastical and surreal melange of myth, science fiction and pop culture, daring us to reimagine the reality of the micro and macro cosmos in which we live.


Oxford St 56 Oxford St, W1D 5BQ