17/06/2021 - 17/07/2021

Contemporary - Painting

Nick Jensen - With A Tambourine

Union Gallery presents Nick Jensen’s 'Boy with a Tambourine' exhibition, his first solo exhibition with the gallery, curated by William Gustafsson

Jensen paints figures on the verges of dissolution. Inhabiting a sometimes dense, smoky haze, his figures engage us with their suggestiveness. Absent voids in the shape of silhouetted profiles
become sites into which we pour our own subjective memories, or visually listen to the unfamiliar. Rivulets, drips, stains, peeling flakes, globular deposits glazed with dirty amber, gestural scrubs and spattered edges are part of his painterly lexicon, whilst memory plays a generating role in the formation of his images.


Bethnal Green 94 Teesdale St, E2 6PU