19/11/2022 - 17/12/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Nine Artist Group Show curated by Russell Tovey - Sabrina

Fri-Sat: 11-5pm or by appointment:

"Sim Smith is proud to present ‘Sabrina’, curated by Russell Tovey, a group exhibition of nine female and non-binary contemporary abstract artists working in the UK today alongside a painting by Gillian Ayres from which the exhibition takes its name.

The exhibition is an opportunity to witness and start to understand the topography of British abstract expressionist painting now, explored through a female and non-binary outlook whilst also looking back to a time where female abstraction was not as celebrated but will have paved the way for the future generations on show in this exhibition.

This group show brings together intergenerational artists at varying stages in their careers, exploring everything from abstraction’s formal qualities to its expressive messages. The works range from the non-representational, exploring essences of memories, moods, impulses, disturbances, and triumphs alongside works which start to play with suggestions of figuration, landscape, and nature. Beautiful, ethereal, demanding, and gritty, these are exceptional works that have ignited a thirst and hunger for this new movement across the globe."


Camberwell 6 Camberwell Passage, SE5 0AX