01/09/2023 - 27/09/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Nineteen Artist Group Show - SEISMIC MOTHER

Thu-Sun: 12-6pm

Seismic Mother is an exhibition that captures the work of 20 artists whose work attempts to communicate the seemingly incomprehensible nature of the earth’s magnitude and magnificence, temerity and resilience as it endures, regenerates and struggles to survive through the slow violence of ecological catastrophe.

Artists: Miriam Austin, Nikolai Azariah, Holly Birtles, Charly Blackburn, Alfonso Borragan, Johanna Bramli, Ed Chivers, Stephen Cornford, Natalia Janula, Josie Maprayil, Rosaleen Maprayil, Hollie Miller, Cameron Naylor, Gareth Phillips, Phillip Reeves, Xavier Ribas, Himali Singh Soin, Lara Smithson & Samuel Zealey

Seismic Mother asks the audience to heed its call, to immerse in the aesthetic, while responding to the pragmatic; how do we move beyond catastrophe, how do we steady ourselves and what do we hold onto?


Stratford Sainsbury's Local, 50 Celebration Avenue, Stratford, London E20 1DB