27/04/2022 - 24/06/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Nour Jaouda, Andrea V. Wright & Marte Johnslien - DRAPE

Fold Gallery is proud to present DRAPE a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores notions of materiality, the aesthetics of migration and the processes of making and unmaking. The work in this show teeters between sculpture, painting and craft. With ceramics that occupy the space of sculptures, objects that occupy the space of paintings, there is a melting pot of materials and a sense of work in motion; that processes are constantly evolving.

The three artists in this exhibition create work that references the human body and the lived experience; investigating themes of movement and displacement, transition and isolation and an awareness of the visceral body in the process of making. These ideas are explored in the use and combinations of materials; clay is fired with metal, found objects are paired with resin; casts are shown with sewn fabric and steel. There is a sense that materials are transient and ever changing.


Fitzrovia 158 New Cavendish St, W1W 6YW