6:30 - 9pm, Tuesday 4th Feb


ODI Commissioned Digital Group Show - Copy That? Surplus Data in an Age of Repetitive Duplication

How ‘true’ is the data ‘you’?

'Copy That?' is the Data as Culture research and partnership theme for 2019-2020.

From the myth of the perfect digital copy to the benefits and pitfalls of simulation, Copy That? raises questions about the purpose and trustworthiness of incessantly reproduced data.

Newly commissioned artworks on display are: a hot-pink ‘puppet-robot-hybrid’ who wants to chat, Google mis-translated versions of William Blake’s poem Jerusalem, poems drawing on histories of human relationship alongside the blur and noise of technical evolutions and a digital pinball machine offering a neurodiverse experience of the city.

- Artists: Mr Gee, Alistair Gentry and Ben Neale, Edie Jo Murray & Harmeet Chagger-Khan
- Curators: Hannah Redler Hawes, Julie Freeman and Anna Scott.
- Design by Philpott Design.

Shoreditch 3rd Floor, 65 Clifton St, EC2A 4JE