7:30 - 9:30pm, Friday 27th May

Publication Launch & Readings

Oliver Corino - Project Birdcage

After the Prime Minister of Qatar has a major heart attack at Royal Ascot, it’s the Queen who has to operate. Now there’s a reason why eighty-two-year-olds don’t carry out quadruple heart bypasses, no matter how confident the Queen may be. To make things worse the small print of the Barclays contract, drawn up by Canary to grease another £4 billion investment from Qatar, states that she has to be present at the operation. But Canary’s no medic . . . and what if Her Majesty kills the Sheikh?

Those hoping Canary Wharf’s memoir for the year 2008 would contain some information that could be used to convict her father Roger Jenkins of fraud will be sadly disappointed. Because what Canary presents us with here is an internal dream-odyssey, comprising all that remains for her of her time temping at Barclays during the banking crisis. Ignorance meets complexity head-on in Project Birdcage, the thrilling new chapter of Architectural Fathers by Canary Wharf.


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